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What Are the Symptoms of Sleeping Disorder

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Our body requires an adequate amount of rest to function efficiently. The sleep cycle is mostly dependent on the type of profession you follow. A normal adult requires at least 7 hours of proper sleep to maintain the cardiac rhythm. It is reported that about 30 percent of the adult population gets poor sleep. The metabolism of the body is often affected by your sleep patterns. Getting inadequate amounts of sleep or an imbalanced sleep cycle may cause various sleeping disorders which would indirectly affect your mental as well as physical health. Most concerning being irritability, lower energy and fatigue. Sleep disorder basically impairs your quality of sleep and the timing of your sleep resulting in unwanted stress and anxiety.


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Insomnia is a condition when the mind does not feel the urge to sleep. It may also be caused due to stress or chronic health issues. In this condition the person is unable to sleep at night despite being tired the whole day. Sleepless nights then again lead to irritability and dizziness during the day. Continued insomnia may also lead to depression and other mental illnesses. You need to work on your sleeping patterns if you are insomniac because it does not have any other cure.

Feel Tired All Time

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It is obvious that if your body does not get proper sleep at night then it cannot function efficiently and so you would be feeling tired throughout the day. Even though you eat good food and follow a healthy lifestyle, you would feel exhausted every now and then if you do not maintain your sleep cycle. Due to this you would not be able to concentrate on you work or studies, thus hampering your career.

Strong Urge to Sleep During the Day

Have you ever wondered why you feel sleepy throughout the day? Strenuous physical activity can be one of the reasons but it may also indicate your faulty sleeping habits resulting in disorder. Sometimes it may also be fatal. You would feel sleepy even while driving which is very risky. It may also indulge with your concentration during work and kill your creativity, thus making all your time unproductive.

Need Caffeine Breaks

Though some people are addicted to caffeine, if your body needs too much caffeine during the day then it might be the alarm for your unhealthy sleep cycle. Consuming caffeine in a larger amount is not considered as a healthy practice. So, if you take two or more caffeine breaks during the day then you need to stop and get yourself diagnosed. It might be one of the symptoms for your sleeping disorder.

Slow Reaction

When you are deprived of sleep you always feel exhausted and irritable. This affects your mind and delays your response time. Tired brain takes more time to complete the reflex action and stimulate the nerve cells. This slows down the conduction power of your body. As a result of this you take longer than usual to respond. It may sometimes get weird and awkward if you behave such with your peer group.

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