Unusual Sleep Disorders – Learn What They Are and Treat Them Effectively

rare types of sleep disorders

People who have Sleep Apnea normally have a hard time going to sleep. This is because they are breathing through their mouth which blocks their airway. This will make them snore and in some cases it can even lead to life threatening conditions. There are rare types of sleep disorders that are caused by breathing through your nose. Some people are so severe that they actually have acne but fortunately for those people, there are methods to remedy the problem.

An Overview

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Sleep Apnea occurs when your body stops producing a normal amount of saliva to wet your nose while you sleep. This will cause a watery and moist mouth, which will then prevent you from sleeping well. The reason that this happens is because the muscles of your tongue and throat relax during sleep which causes them to fall back and collapse. When your nose is blocked by your tongue, it will cause your throat to start vibrating.

This vibrating action makes your sleep disturbed and you will wake up often throughout the night. These vibrations cause you to breathe with your mouth that leads to you having a hard time going to sleep. These are some signs that the person does not take care of themselves properly. This could also be a sign of having allergies or a respiratory illness. Many times people will wake up due to headaches.

Unusual Sleep Disorder Facts

A baby lying on a bed

This is one type of rare sleep disorder that is common in men. Many men suffer from sleep apnea and it is known as obstructive sleep apnea. This is a very common type of sleep disorder and can cause weight gain and loss. This is because the person is breathing through their mouth, which is not healthy. There are different ways that this can occur and they include coughing, choking on their tongue, grinding their teeth, stopping their breathing for short periods of time, and even sleep walking.

Another rare types of sleep disorders include narcolepsy. People can become extremely sleepy and not remember anything of the previous hours or minutes. They can become extremely sleepy and can go to sleep at random and for no apparent reason. Narcoleptics can go without waking up for days at a time and they can feel extremely exhausted by the end of the day.

They can also go through a type of tunneling sleep where they do not remember anything of their dreams. People who have this type of sleep disorder can go months without being aware that they have slept. Many people call it dreaming and people who have it should always be aware that they are dreaming. This type of sleep disorder can cause serious health problems like diabetes.

Many times people can be diagnosed with sleep apnea and then it is possible to treat them. There are two ways to treat this problem. There is a machine that is installed inside the person’s home that continuously brings air into the person’s nostrils to breathe. Many times people choose to wear a sleep mask over their eyes or they try other alternatives like losing weight or sleeping on their sides.

In The End

Some rare types of sleep disorders can also cause death if they are not treated properly. One example is people who suffer from narcolepsy. Narcoleptics are prone to falling asleep in places like grocery stores, bars, ATM machines, etc. If they get up and go home they can have tragic consequences. In the case of narcoleptics there are certain medications that will help them maintain their balance but if they do not take this medication their balance can easily be lost and it can cause them to die from their lack of sleep.

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