Ultimate Guide To REM Sleeping Disorder Symptoms

REM Sleeping Disorder Symptoms

In the REM sleeping disorder, you vividly act out all the dreams that you see during the night using vocal and physical movements. This is also known as dream-enacting behavior in which you enact your dreams in the real life. You do not normally move during the night when you experience REM sleep. You spend twenty percent of your sleep in REM sleep which happens primarily when you dream which is in the second half of the night. The onset of this disorder is slow but you can get worse as time passes. There are some REM sleeping disorder symptoms that you can keep in mind. You should also know about REM and NREM that will help you distinguish.

In some cases, people, who experience this syndrome can hurt themselves or the people that they are sleeping with. In case the person is having a violent and frightening dream, they can become even more agitated which makes it easier for them to injure themselves. One episode can occur per REM phase which means you can experience it 4-5 times in a single night which makes it quite scary.

REM Sleeping Disorder Symptoms

Know The REM Sleeping Disorder Symptoms
Know The REM Sleeping Disorder Symptoms

With the REM sleep disorder, instead of experiencing the normal temporary paralysis when you fall asleep, you try to act out your dreams physically. The onset of the disease gradual or immediate but you should know that it gets worse as the time passes. REM sleeping disorder symptoms include:

  • Movement: Like punching, kicking, shouting, arms flailing, and jumping from the bed when you cat out some action-filled dreams like running away from an attack.
  • Noises like shouting, talking, shouting, and even cursing someone out.
  • You can even recall the dream when you wake up during an explosive episode.

More than 35 percent of people who experience this syndrome develop Parkinson’s disease in the later stages of life. Sometimes, this syndrome might occur about 50 years prior to all the symptoms and neurological disorders.


Causes Of REM Sleeping Disorder Symptoms
Causes Of REM Sleeping Disorder Symptoms
  • Nerve pathways that work during the REM sleep or during the dreaming help you experience temporary paralysis in the body. But, in this sleep disorder, these pathways cease to work and you may physically start enacting your dreams.
  • On occasion, REM can happen due to adverse reactions to the medication and withdrawal due to some drugs. People who consume alcohol regularly and stop can also experience REM in some cases.
  • More than 5 percent of users of antidepressants experience this syndrome due to the medication.


  • For the accurate diagnosis, a doctor who has experience in this syndrome should be consulted as he might be able to help.
  • The doctor may advise you to undertake a sleep study so that he can diagnose the exact disease. The person has to stay in a special facility throughout the night.
  • The examination will help to know the causes and rule out some of the other explanations for the syndrome.


This is a very scary syndrome that you might experience in your life and knowing the reasons and causes might help you. If you know someone who has the symptoms of this disease, then you can take them to a doctor so that their syndrome can be diagnosed. It is very important to get o the correct doctor who will advise you on the best possible way to cure this syndrome.

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