The Most Common Type Of Sleeping Disorder In Human

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What are the kinds of sleep disorders? How many types of sleep disorders occur in humans?  The human body works like a battery, and it is vital to recharge from time to time to restore energy. Sleep is the main element to restore energy. Good sleep is important for people of every age to keep healthy and happy in life. The experts do many studies, get the result that good sleep is best for improving memory, increasing life expectancy, sharpening the mind’s attention span and even showing physical benefits like increased heart health, weight control, etc. Less sleep is just the opposite result of the human body. Today, the problem of sleep disorders is widespread. Lots of people suffer from this problem.

Let’s look at human beings’ most common types of sleeping disorders and see how they can affect human health.

Insomnia And Narcolepsy Is The Primary Type Of Sleeping Disorders In Human

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Insomnia and Narcolepsy are the most common types of sleeping disorders in human beings. Its problem occurs today in every age of people of any gender. In this problem, people have to fall asleep, wake up frequently, struggle to get back to sleep, consistently wake up earlier than desired in the morning, and suffer from frequent unsatisfactory sleep. Narcolepsy is the second type of sleep disorder that affects one’s ability to control their sleep. Those who suffer from narcolepsy may fall asleep during the day, without warning, and are often tired even while they’re awake. People face laziness, tiredness, etc all day. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is the most common type of sleeping disorder that has occurred in human beings. Today, several people have suffered from this problem. In these disorders, people have the problem of breathing that frequently starts and stops during sleep. It has two main types, such as obstructive (OSA) and central (CSA). Obstructive sleep apnea happens by blockage of the throat muscles that keeps air from flowing correctly, which is the most common form of the disorder. Central sleep apnea is expected when the brain doesn’t correctly alert the muscles to continue breathing.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is the most common type of sleeping disorder that occurs in human beings. Many people have suffered from this problem today. In these disorders, people have an insurmountable urge to shake or move their legs. RLS affects many people regarding sleep issues, but some of those suffering tend to see flare-ups, mainly during long periods of stillness, especially sleep. This problem is easily eliminated by some practices such as starching, massage, ice, or heat packs, but cases may require consulting medical care. 


These are all the most common types of sleeping disorders in human beings. Perfect sleep is important for all ages of people to keep healthy and happy. If you suffer from the problem of sleep disorder too much it is essential to consult the doctors and take precautions against them. One best way to overcome this problem is to do yoga and exercise every day.

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