Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat

Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat

In a Japanese home or house, many features catch our attention. Among them is Tatami means the Japanese Mat. Nowadays, most of the people who take care of the comfort zone use this Japanese Mat. At first, the carpet was a luxury item when most people lived in hard-packed places. But as the period changed to the free-living, this item became more affordable and was present in virtually every home. Either way, modern houses make an exciting fusion of old and new. Besides, the custom of sleeping on a floor over a tatami mat is still very much present in society. Many cannot fit into beds on a wooden floor. Thanks to this difficulty of adaptation, the good old Tatami resists the time.

Hundreds of years ago, the Tatami was handmade, but nowadays, machines make it. The weaving process in one device takes about one and a half hours.

Tatami Mats Sleeping Material

The material of the Mat to give the best comfort zone. The cover of the Mat is made up of a soft woven rush. It also has the core made up of PP foam. Now, if we talk about the Edging, it is beautifully done by the cotton fabric.

Easy Portable:

The most significant merit of this Mat is that you can carry this item along with you everywhere you want.  Whether you are going for a day picnic, or for a camp or changing the residential place. It is ideally placed on the floor to give you comfort.

Tatami Mats Sleeping Dimensions

The size of a standard tatami mat is are as follows

  1. Thickness: this Mat has a diameter of 3.5 cm/5 cm whereas
  2. Length is 200 cm

Overall if we say about the sizes, it is perfect for every height and personality of a person.

Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat
Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat

Easy Cleaning:

  • Tatami is a fragile coating when subjected to moisture. Therefore, you should clean using vacuum cleaners or a damp cloth.
  • Proper cleaning helps extend its life. There is no definite time for changing the Mat because it will depend on its condition, but on average, it usually alters between 5 and 6 years of use.
  • When considerable wear or we see yellowing a result of usage time, we recommend to reverse the sides of the Tatami (bottom to top) or if very precarious, and this Tatami is removed to be recycled, thus becoming a New tatami.
  • The Tatami is an article so intrinsically linked to Japanese culture that the size of a bedroom or living room by the number of tatami mats that fit the place. For example, if someone says that a room has a tatami, people can get a sense of its real size.
  • When the Tatami is young, it has a greenish tinge, but as it gets older, it becomes yellowish. It is not allowed to step on the Tatami with shoes, not even with slippers. It usually sits directly on the floor.
  • The package gives 1 Tatami Mats sleeping Japanese Mat and the comfort zone of life. The product is worth buying.

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