Sydney Childrens Sleep Disorders Clinic – Ways To Tackle

sydney children's sleep disorders clinic

Poor sleep quantity or quality in children can lead to many problems such as academic failure, behavior changes, difficulties in social environments, abnormality in weight, and a lot of other health issues. It doesn’t only impact a child’s behavior, but it also impacts family dynamics and disturbs its pattern. Sleep disorders vary in a lot of different ways. It might be a problem in falling and staying asleep, or it may be a physiological problem. It can also be talking or even walking in sleep. A sleeping problem such as excessive sleeping is counted as a sleeping disorder too. Discussed below are some of the Sydney children’s sleep disorder clinic problems

Sydney Children’s Sleep Disorders Clinic For Insomnia 

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Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder found in all generations. It can be defined by nighttime and daytime symptoms. Nighttime symptoms involve difficulty sleeping and not being able to have a quality sleep, which leads to daytime symptoms of failing to concentrate, not being able to memorize, fatigue, and anxiety. If these symptoms persist for at least one month, you need to see a doctor, as insomnia can be chronic. You might have irregularities in sleeping, but if it lasts for weeks, it is considered a problem. This Sydney children’s sleep disorder clinic is serious, and one shouldn’t take it lightly.

Central Sleep Apnea

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Central sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that is associated with respiratory conditions. It causes breathlessness during sleep because your brain does not indicate your body to breathe. It is more of a respiratory problem that occurs when you sleep. So it doesn’t cause to wake you up, but it causes instability in breathing control. It can be called sleep-related hypoventilation or hypoxemic syndrome. It results from the respiratory system’s response to low oxygen or high carbon dioxide during sleep. Shallow breathing can last for more than 10 seconds. This Sydney children’s sleep disorder clinic is not only sleeping but also respiratory issues.

Sydney Children’s Sleep Disorders Clinic For Snoring

Snoring is a phenomenon that occurs when the airway is partially blocked; this restriction prevents some amount of air from getting into the lungs. This extra air is redirected to the mouth, which creates pressure; this pressure further vibrates the palate’s soft tissue, which leads to snoring. If you snore, it indicates that there is some resistance in the normal passage of air. Snoring can cause an interruption is not only yours but your partner’s sleep too, which can cause daytime fatigue. It can even lead to a low oxygen level in the body. This Sydney children’s sleep disorder clinic is also very common in adults as well as kids.


Problems discussed above are found in kids and may also be found in adults, but there are a lot of differences in symptoms. Also, in a child’s development and growth period, good sleep is very important. Difficult childhood can lead to many problems later in their lives. It can even cause high anxiety issues and depression. In some cases, doctors recommend therapies for these sleeping disorders, but in other cases, medications and supplements are provided to treat a certain sleep disorder. If you are going through any of these Sydney children’s sleep disorder clinic, you must take it seriously and consult a doctor.

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