Stages Of Sleep Cycle: REM And NREM -

Stages Of Sleep Cycle: REM And NREM

Stages Of Sleep Cycle: REM And NREM

Sleep is an essential part of the human body. Sleep reboots the system to work correctly by providing rest to both internal and external organs. Some organs remain restless while some require rest. Earlier sleep used to conjecture as the unconscious rest, but after research, it was clear that it rejuvenates the mind and the body. you must know the stages of sleep to sleep well at night.

People every night falls to sleep to take a good nap, but they don’t know the different states in which they used to sleep. Every stage is essential and plays a critical role in body functioning. Each step satisfies the operation of a restoration muscle group, muscle recovery, memory amalgamate, hormone regulation, and hormone balancing.

Stages Of Sleep Cycle: REM And NREM
Stages Of Sleep Cycle: REM And NREM

Two Major Stages Of Sleep

  • REM- Rapid Eye Movement or restless sleep.
  • NREM – Non-rapid eye movement or Quiet sleep.

The Stages Of Sleep Cycle

 Stage 1

This stage allows a person to go in the transitional phase, where the human body slowly gets themselves in and out of consciousness.

This period is the drowsy period where the brain used to awaken slightly, and slowly it begins to drift off. This feeling is known as the Hypnic Myoclonia after this stage person gets into the second stage.

Stage 2

About 50% of the human body falls asleep in this. This stage is also known as a NON REM. This stage is also a lighter phase, but in this, the body temperature decrease and the heart rate become calm.

In this phase, the body slowly reduces its working speed. The eyes start dimming, the brain becomes slow, and sometimes people face a burst of waves known as sleep spindle. It is the phase that lies between the muscle toning and relaxation.

Stage 3 & 4

Both stages are the most important and share similarities. Both follow the in-depth sleep criteria in them, and it’s hard for any person to wake up in this sleep quickly. In this stage, the body goes in the deepest sleep.

 The slow-wave rest intends to relax the muscles and makes the body slightly unconscious. There is almost nil muscle movement, and the body becomes immobile. A human body might also experience sleepwalking, bedwetting in children, and nightmares.

NERM helps in rebuilding muscle ligament, tissues replenishment, generating an appetite-controlling hormone, and helps in hormone balancing in this stage. The Hormone generation takes place in this phase. These hormones are crucial that operate strengthening muscle size, restoring oxygen levels, and vital nutrients.

Stages Of Sleep Cycle: REM And NREM
Stages Of Sleep Cycle: REM And NREM

Stage 5

This stage only covers the REM stage, where the rapid eye movement is there. This phase is also called the semi-paralyzed step where only eyes can move but not the body. Mostly the dream comes in this stage.

This stage allows a person to experience active and alert day functioning of the body. In this stage, it reinvigorates the brain and sharpens it. While waking up, the body temperature rises to deal with the day activity to perform ahead.

Thus, sleep cycle is significant for you and knowing stages of the sleep cycle helps you to sleep longer, recovering muscles and sharp brain. 

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