Sleep Facts That All Teens Need To Know

Sleep Facts That All Teens Need To Know

Unlike our body, our brain also demands its food, i.e., proper sleep. Different brain activity and body functions occur during sleep. However, skipping even a single day of sleep can cause harmful effects. For example, you perform poorly, feel moody, and looks terrible. Not only this, it lowers your scores on the exam, and it will be hard to spend time with friends and family members. That’s what makes the brain-hungry. The brain doesn’t demand more than its expectations. For the sake of your body and fight drowsiness and asleep falling, it is vital. Know some interesting facts here.

Sleep Facts That All Teens Need To Know
Sleep Facts That All Teens Need To Know

Sleep Facts

It manages stress and allows you to eat better. Sleep is as crucial as breathing, the nutrition you take, and the liquid you drink. However, when your doze pattern got shifted, you experience waking during adolescence. That’s why the expert suggests falling asleep at sharp 11 pm. Teens should take sleep of about 8-10 hours every night. On the other hand, irregular doze pattern hurts your biological clock and results in bad doze quality. For example, you suffer from restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, and insomnia.


Why are you deficient in sleeping? Not enough doze has consequences like

  • Giving birth to skin problems such as acne and pimples
  • It leads to inappropriate or aggressive behaviour like being impatient with family members or yelling on an innocent.
  • It causes eating problems like you eat fried food and sweets often that results in weight gain
  • It increases the use of nicotine, and caffeine and possible even alcohol
  • Also, it can contribute to illness such as driving drowsy and injury due to not wearing safety equipment’s
  • It limits or causes hindrance in listening, learning, and solving problems. For example, you can forget numbers, dates, names, even homework or a particular person like friends in your life.
Sleep Facts That All Teens Need To Know
Sleep Facts That All Teens Need To Know

Sleep Solutions

  • First of all, decide to change that way you deal with patterns to stay smart, happy, and healthy. For example, sleeping must be the no.1 priority.
  • If you are feeling sleepy or tired, then take small and effective naps of 15-20 minutes. It won’t interfere overall inherent cycle.
  • A good doze demands no pills, drinks, and vitamins. Consuming caffeine might hurt your sleep badly. So, avoid soda, tea, and coffee before nap.
  • Pick a dark, quiet, and cool place. Blackout curtains and get eyeshades so that light doesn’t reach your eyes.

Sleep Extra Solutions

  • Try to decide wake and falling time to follow it every day. Stick to calm activities and stay quiet before falling asleep.
  • Avoid exercising, drinking caffeine, and eating much before bedtime. Also, avoid using a computer, TV, and telephone before jumping into the bed.
  • Keep a to-do list or a diary. You can note all the things that happened during the day or your goals of the next day.
  • Try to bring a variety of sleep timetables. However, it should not affect the internal body clock. You can try participating in interactive classes and activities such as reading to fall asleep.

Remember, teens, need 8-10 hours of proper sleep to wake up early and get ready to go to school. 

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