Sleep Apnea All You Need To Know

Sleep Apnea All You Need To Know

Sleep apnea is a pervasive sleep disorder that occurs to a significant portion of people. It is a problem in which the victim breathe repeatedly and wake up during sleep. Some of the significant symptoms of sleep apnea comprise of daytime sleepiness as well as restless sleep. Today we will talk about all that you have to know about sleep apnea, including the causes, symptoms, and treatments. Once you know about the same, we will be able to help any patient who is suffering from this problem. In the case of sleep apnea, the victim takes involuntary pauses in breathing because there can be a blocked Airway or signaling problem. It is caused because of many affected parts of the brain and is also known as the central sleep apnea. There is also another kind of problem known as obstructive sleep apnea. 

If this problem is untreated, then it can cause a lot of complications in health and also affect the heart adversely. Not only that, but it can also cause several difficulties like depression. If a person is suddenly feeling drowsy, it increases the rate of an accident that he or she might have.

Sleep Apnea All You Need To Know
Sleep Apnea All You Need To Know

Quick Facts About The Disease- Sleep Apnea

It is prevalent that around one among five adults have mild symptoms of obstructive sleep disorder, and one among 15 people have moderate to severe symptoms. 

Around 18 million Americans have this problematic condition, but only 20% of them have got the diagnosis and treatment at the same time. 

Women with Menopause and postMenopause phases have more chances of getting this problem.

Sleep apnea is more according to people who are above 50 years of age, even though it does not target any specific period and can happen to children. 

Sleep Apnea All You Need To Know
Sleep Apnea All You Need To Know

Treatment Of The Disorder

This sleep disorder is not something to be afraid of, which is why proper treatment can eliminate this. It can cause motor vehicle accidents and make it difficult for the person to concentrate. There are different breathing exercises in which food helps with this problem, and it will be able to remove fatigue.

The person suffering from sleep apnea should go for regular psychological therapy sessions so that he or she is well.

Also, the breathing exercises will help with the cardiovascular changes in the body and make the breathing correctly.

You have to do some lifestyle changes, including reducing alcohol and smoking. Also, you have to induce weight loss as well as side sleeping so that you can have a proper sleep. 

Numerous other treatments are available, and one of them is the continuous positive Airway pressure therapy. It is done in severe conditions when people take a mask to induce thorough breathing. 

Also, you can get surgery, so that obstructive disorder does not happen all over again. It will remove the excess tissue and enlarged tonsils. 

With the help of proper medication and treatment, you will be able to get over this sleeping disorder. 

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