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List Of Sleep Disorders That You Need To Know

List Of Sleep Disorders That You Need To Know

It might be astonishing, but everyone does not have the blessing of a good night’s sleep. It is shocking to see that most of the people remain awake almost a significant part of the night and cannot get enough sleep during bedtime. The primary cause behind it is that they are affected by sleep disorders, and most of the sleep disorders are incredibly fearsome. According to a medical report, it has is recorded that 35% of the adults do not feel ok after going to sleep and about 25% do not feel refreshed. Insufficient sleep can cause a lot of health problems which is why today we are going to talk about various sleep disorders.

List Of Sleep Disorders That You Need To Know
List Of Sleep Disorders That You Need To Know

Insomnia- Sleep Disorder

Insomnia mostly appears due to massive levels of stress and as a side effect of certain medications. It takes form mainly due to the intake of drugs or alcohol. Talking about the symptoms, most people have difficulty falling asleep and maintaining sleep schedules. It is a very severe chronic issue and very common as well. According to the department of psychiatry, people who have insomnia have terrible health conditions. If sleeplessness occurs for more than three months continuously, then he or she is diagnosed with insomnia.

The only treatment for insomnia is cognitive behavioral therapy, and it should continue for an extended period until suggested otherwise.

List Of Sleep Disorders That You Need To Know
List Of Sleep Disorders That You Need To Know

Restless Leg Syndrome

The leading cause behind this sleep disorder is hereditary. Many of the medical prescriptions also cause this kind of sleep disorder, and it is also known as the RLS. The symptoms include a continuous urge to keep the Limbs moving and not just the legs. It can happen more than hundreds of times every night.

The treatment is doing regular exercise every day and also reducing caffeine as well as alcohol. If the case is too severe, then you can also go for medication. This disorder is most common in women.

Narcolepsy- a Sleep disorder

Narcolepsy appears mostly by the abnormality in certain parts of the brain. Images of narcolepsy people can suddenly fall asleep at the most in proper moments. The phase of rest can go on for quite some days, and the patient cannot differentiate between being awake and sleeping. It can also bring about faintings like phase and emotional outbursts.

If you want to treat narcolepsy, experts recommend to go for a doctor and have medication regularly. It is something that occurs to less than 200000 adults every year. 


It is a pervasive disorder that does not have any cause of concern. Sleepwalking happens when a person is not getting a sufficient nap. The person suffering from sleepwalking does not understand when he or she gets up and starts walking in the middle of nap.

Sleepwalking is treated by reducing the intake of liquids in the bedtime. Experts recommend the patients to keep a perfect sleep environment and maintaining a regular schedule.

Now that you know about the various common disorders, you must have a fair idea about the causal agent and how to treat them. 

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