Know About The Early Signs Of Sleeping Disorders In Children And Their Basic Prevention Measures

sleeping disorders in children

Have you ever had a bad night struggling to get a good sound sleep? If this is the case, then you must be very well aware of its consequences the next day. If you couldn’t bear the stress of sleep disorder, then how difficult could it be for your innocent kids? Sleeping disorders in children is a prevalent issue and equally stressful too. In a similar manner to adults, children need to sleep for a minimum of 9 hours. The lack of sleep or disturbance while sleeping, more precisely, the sleeping disorders in children, could affect their overall performance the next day, affecting them to the core.

If you have observed your child facing similar issues and are not clear about the consequences of sleeping disorders in children, give this article a thorough read. It could prominently help you understand what your child is going through and how you could help him overcome the problems and get a peaceful dozing time.

The Major Signs Of Sleeping Disorders In Children

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Being a parent, you ought to be attentive towards your child’s overall struggles, including his performance throughout the day or specific behavior while sleeping or even struggling hard to sleep. Some significant signs or symptoms of the Sleeping disorder in children to notice includes:

  • Trying extremely hard to fall asleep or facing Insomnia
  • Walking in sleep
  • Being just half slept for a time being
  • Getting scared badly due to nightmares
  • Screaming and crying without any reason
  • Unusual snoring
  • Making abnormal noises while in sleep
  • Extremely heavy breathing with pauses
  • Bedwetting
  • Keep tossing and changing position in bed, not being able to get settled
  • Not waking up comfortably in the morning
  • Feeling sleepy in the daytime while studying or playing
  • Fatigue and staying lethargic the whole day
  • Lack of attention and decrease in academic and overall performance
  • Staying irritated and frustrated all day long

Essential Prevention Measures Of Sleeping Disorders In Children

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Specific changes in your child’s routine could help prevent sleeping disorders in children. The significant change includes your child’s bedtime. The sleeping and waking up time must be pre-decided and followed religiously from the child’s and your part as well. Try to keep your child’s bedroom away from disturbing noises. The use of Air conditioners must be limited, and the temperature must be maintained well. Serve dinner to your child at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

Prominently, parents must also play their part by avoiding using gadgets, especially TVs and Cell phones, near the child at night. Never make it a practice to lie with the child in his bed to make him fall asleep.


It is essential to recognize the initial alarming signs and symptoms of sleeping disorders in children to prevent its harmful consequences lately. We have drafted this article for your reference to stay aware and updated regarding the early signs of sleeping disorders in children. But in case of severity and seriousness, It is always advisable to consult your child’s doctor as early as possible.

Let it get engraved in your mind that your child is perfect. He is a champion and capable enough to conquer all his problems and struggles on his own.

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