Know About The Drawback Of Late Night Sleep

Know About The Drawback Of Late Night Sleep

Do you regret every morning for not having gone to bed on time in night? Well, we’re sorry to tell you that going to sleep late or late night sleep is more dangerous than you think.

To summarize and warn of the need to sleep that our body demands, we offer you a list of some harmful effects that occur because of less sleep compared to sleep prescribed. 

1. Increases The Risk Of Cerebrovascular Collapse

Know About The Drawback Of Late Night Sleep
Know About The Drawback Of Late Night Sleep

An investigation of the Doctor in the United States revealed that sleep deficit increases the chances of suffering a stroke. Adults who usually rest less than 6 hours have up to 400% risk of presenting the symptoms of a stroke.

2. Obesity

Rest a few hours increases your appetite and hence increase the fat and calories. This is happening because when we are not able to fall asleep, we suffer from some hormonal readjustments that lead us to be more hungry.

Sleeping 6 hours or less result in the production of the hormone, ghrelin, while inhibiting leptin, which is responsible for regulating food intake.

3. Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

Know About The Drawback Of Late Night Sleep
Know About The Drawback Of Late Night Sleep

Who do not sleep well have more insulin resistance? People who take sleep less than 6 hrs have more chances to be diabetic. 

4. Memory Loss

Everyone has found out that when you are tired, it is easier to forget things. However, the effect of a permanent lack of sleep can cause lasting problems in cognition. During sleep, memory storaging take place, which allows ‘reordering’ of the cognitive material. 

5. Bone Deterioration: Effect Of Late Night

An investigation on the sleeping issue gives warning that lack of sleep could cause osteoporosis. The study was carried out on mice. The scientists give warning that the mineral and structural density of bone mass and spinal cord was depleted in rodents in circumstances of sleep deprivation.

6. Increase The Risk Of Developing Cancers

The American Cancer Society found that a few hours of sleep increases the risk of some types of cancer, such as colorectal or breast cancer.

7. Little Or Late Night Sleep Can Kill

Those who sleep a few hours are four times more likely to die in the next 15 years because of different pathologies.

8. Other Consequences Of Lack Of Sleep

Nobody likes to get late nights sleeps, but the consequences of lack of sleep can affect your health and your mood.

+Going to bed late and having to get up soon results in a dangerous lack of sleep. This increases the risk of mental illness, most of the time it is linked with behavior.

+Patients who sleep less are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

+Those who do not rest well at night are more likely to have weight problems because, being more tired, they tend to have more sedentary lives.

+The risk of home and car accidents increases, because you had not take proper rest. In these circumstances, reaction capacity is lost.

+ Also, it is common for lack of sleep to make it harder for us to learn and memorize. The attention span also decreases, as does the ability to make decisions.

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