How To Sleep Better – Anxiety Medication & Other Simple Ways

How to Sleep Better - Anxiety Medication & Other Simple Ways

Anxiety disorders can cause serious and debilitating problems, even life-threatening issues. The sufferer may sleep through the night, wake up frequently throughout the day, and often find it hard to function properly and cope with day-to-day demands. As a result, these situations are oftentimes ignored or attributed to stress. It is essential for everybody to know how to sleep better for a peaceful mind.

How to Sleep Better - Anxiety Medication & Other Simple Ways
How to Sleep Better – Anxiety Medication & Other Simple Ways

Causes Of Sleep Disorders

The “solution” for the anxiety sufferer is usually medication, and the problem with this solution is that medication has serious side effects. Also, if the anxiety disorder isn’t treated and controlled, the “solution” will have had its desired effect and the anxiety sufferer will be in worse health than before and possibly suicidal, or at least extremely anxious and fearful. And the anxiety sufferer is likely to stop taking medication just when they need it most.

I’m sure you’re wondering, how can I sleep better? There are some very simple ways to help.

The first way is to practice relaxation. Relaxation helps by reducing stress, anxiety, and tension, which in turn reduces the risk of sleep disturbance. The body can control itself, so practice relaxation to reduce stress and worry.

Learn New Habits

The second way is to learn new habits because sometimes people avoid dealing with stressful situations when they really need to do something about them. Practice these “new” habits when you need to deal with an issue and eventually they will become habitual and will make life easier, and less stressful.

The third way is to take control of your self-talk. By changing your self-talk to be more positive, and less negative, it will eliminate the negative “rumors” that keep one awake at night. Talk about the good things in your life, rather than worrying about the bad things. These are good thoughts and help keep one awake.

The fourth way is to practice some form of breathing. Breathing helps relax the body and mind. It also clears the mind, helping the anxiety sufferer be more aware of what’s going on around them. This deep breathing will help calm the body.

The seventh way is to get help. One way to get help is to see a mental health counselor. Others can try therapy or may find that they can get relief by buying and using a self-help book.

How to Sleep Better - Anxiety Medication & Other Simple Ways
How to Sleep Better – Anxiety Medication & Other Simple Ways

Use Medications To Treat Anxiety

Also, the use of medications to treat anxiety should be seen as a last resort, if at all, so that if this does not work, then one should try other self-help techniques. Some examples are: lowering your stress level, using meditation, or learning yoga. Sometimes sleep is the answer, but one must be sure that their sleep is restful sleep.

Some mental health counselors may suggest psychotherapy to help the anxiety sufferer with their stress levels. I would not recommend this because it is expensive, takes time, and has side effects, and besides that, many people are resistant to psychotherapy.

You can try various types of relaxation to decrease anxiety because once the mind is relaxed, the body has a better chance of dealing with stress and anxiety. Some other techniques are to change the way one thinks about life, to exercise, and/or to meditate. Meditation can help with pain and relaxation.

These ways are simple and can be practiced every day. Also, if the anxiety sufferer keeps trying different methods, and realizes that they don’t work, they can always use hypnosis or medication.

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