Helping Your Newborn With Trouble Sleeping -

Helping Your Newborn With Trouble Sleeping

newborn having trouble sleeping

There are many ways of doing this and one is a newborn baby nap chart. This article explains the importance of a newborn nap chart and how it can help you get your baby to sleep.

Having a newborn is always going to be a challenge. He or she will not know how to fall asleep on his own so you are the one responsible for setting up an effective sleep routine for your baby. The process starts by feeding your baby with breast milk. One way to help your baby fall asleep is by having him or her wear a napkin on the back of your leg. This is an effective way to set your baby up for a good night’s sleep.

Waking Up At Night

Some babies will have problems when it comes to waking up at night. They may wake up at three in the morning and not remember what happened during the day or just simply cannot sleep. When this happens, your newborn should be dressed to help him or her to fall back asleep. One way to keep your baby warm is to place a woolen hat on him or her during the night.

Keep a feeding bottle near your newborn’s sleeping area. This will allow you to feed your baby before he or she wakes up. You can also keep a small flashlight next to your newborn baby’s sleeping area for extra light when you need it.

Newborn Positive Reinforcement

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Try to give your newborn positive reinforcement when he or she wakes up crying. You can make an easy game out of it by saying “Good day, Mom”. The goal is to make your newborn associate crying with being rewarded while having fun. This will help to establish a routine and prevent negative behavior such as not sleeping through the night. This will also help you determine what might be causing your newborn to wake up at night.

A great way to help keep your newborn from waking up in the middle of the night is to create a special routine. If you take him or her out to get food before bedtime, and then return to bed and lie down, your newborn will eventually learn to turn down the lights or go to his or her special place to snooze. This helps your newborn relax and feel comfortable being in his or her special room. Another good idea is to set the alarm for six o’clock in the morning, so that your newborn will recognize that he or she needs to wake up.

A Relaxing Place

Making your nursery a relaxing place will help keep your newborn calm and relaxed during the night. The nursery is where your newborn will spend the most of his or her time, so it should be a place of comfort and security. Soft, comfortable bedding and pillows will help keep your newborn’s head from rolling backward.

Make sure that your newborn has plenty of toys that will keep him or her busy during the night, like teddy bears, teething rings, wooden train sets, and other things that will encourage him or her to remember to go to sleep. Placing some milk in his or her bottle will also help to comfort the infant, as well as keep him or her feeling full during the entire day.


Keeping your newborn warm during the night will help to avoid hypothermia. When your baby is kept warm and comfortable, it is much easier for him or her to fall asleep. Another way to keep your newborn warm is to breastfeed him or her whenever possible. Breastfeeding will promote natural sleeping, and will help your newborn to develop a sense of when it is time to fall asleep. If you decide to bottle feed your newborn, you should try to breastfeed him or her as often as possible, to help keep him or her happy and healthy.

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