Children Sleep Problems – Causes Of Sleep Disorders In Children

Children Sleep Problems - Causes of Sleep Disorders in Children

Sleep problems in children are as common as headaches or hearing loss. Even though their problems with sleep are generally ignored or dismissed, their effects on their ability to concentrate and learn can be harmful. Children’s sleep problems can impair their ability to function and they can have many issues relating to the way that they communicate and their ability to learn.

Children Sleep Problems - Causes of Sleep Disorders in Children
Children Sleep Problems – Causes of Sleep Disorders in Children

Importance Of Sleep In Children

There are three major parts to a child’s health. Sleep is the most important one as it gives them the opportunity to grow and develop. The next most important aspect is their mental health, which is determined by the extent of brain injury.

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and insomnia can cause brain damage. They can impair a child’s memory, problem-solving and decision making. Inadequate sleep can also affect a child’s social development and ability to interact with others.

If a child has sleep disorders or does not get enough sleep there can be a number of health problems. Sleep Apnea can cause an obstruction in the airway that makes the child unable to breathe. Because this will prevent oxygen from reaching the brain, a lack of oxygen will cause brain damage. The obstruction in the airway can cause brain damage to the frontal lobe and can result in death.

Sleep Problems In Children

Insomnia can make a child very sleepy during the day and when they wake up the child cannot recall what happened at night. This can make a child easy to manipulate and cause other problems with communication and performance. This can affect performance in school and in sports.

It is usually adults who don’t notice these problems because they are not seen as normal. However, children are often affected because they fail to communicate their sleep problems to their parents or teachers. This is where the school psychologist comes in.

Children Sleep Problems - Causes of Sleep Disorders in Children
Children Sleep Problems – Causes of Sleep Disorders in Children

Treat Children With Difficulty In Sleep

The school psychologist will work with the family and with the teacher to help the child’s problems with sleep. These specialists will work with the family and with the child to provide support in the form of homework help and exercises that will help them relax. If a child is having difficulty with sleep they may want to try the following exercises:

Learn to Relax – The key to learning to relax is not always about getting to sleep. Sometimes relaxing is about managing stress and getting your mind ready for tomorrow.

Relaxing – It is normal to worry about tomorrow. But learning to calm down and to focus on the day ahead is what creates a healthy mind.

How To Treat Children With Sleep Problems

Thinking of a To-Do List – Things happen in life that sometimes we need to take care of now and sometimes we need to wait for a later time. Dealing with the good things first is a great way to make sure you don’t forget the bad things. It may seem tedious, but it can be done in just a few minutes a day.

Easy – Start by concentrating on what seems easy. For example, if a problem is that you find it hard to get out of bed, look at how you can fix it now. You could make a pillow and a comfy pillowcase so that you are comfortable and still awake.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and keep an open mind when it comes to simple things like exercise or stretching. Do as much as you can because each little thing you do helps you relax, even if you don’t realize it.

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