Better Sleep Books: Discover How To Know Better When You Sleep

Better Sleep Books: Discover How To Know Better When You Sleep

There are many advantages to Better Sleep Books. The sleep study conducted in one lab of a UCLA medical professor, George Browder, reveals more about the brain’s role in the entire process of sleep than anyone else. To understand this better, the reader needs to learn about all the brain functions that help determine our sleep patterns.

For example, our health and strength as we get older and are faced with stress will decline until we are sleep deprived. Which will eventually lead to a morning feeling of drowsiness and pain? Then when we get up in the morning. We will struggle to remain awake for several hours, unable to sleep for any longer.

Better Sleep Will Make The Functions Better:

Better Sleep Books: Discover How To Know Better When You Sleep
Better Sleep Books: Discover How To Know Better When You Sleep

Other brain functions will also deteriorate due to lack of sleep. We tend to remember more things when we are sleeping well, and when we get more sleep, we also remember better. This has led some scientists to think that the chemicals we use during the day are similar to those which we use during sleep.

And these books I have read suggest that these brain functions actually are the same. And this information can be very useful for us as we struggle with keeping our sleep patterns up to par, and our moods in check during the day.

In the last two parts of this series we have looked at dreams, the importance of dreams, and about dreams themselves. In this article, we look at Dreams.

New Research:

It has been discovered that cycles are determined by the color of our dreams. One popular TV character and actor have studied this for many years. David Schwimmer, who played the role of a television reporter on a popular show, has dedicated his life to studying the television news. At the annual meeting of the American Academy of Science in Florida, he discussed how colors affect our dreams.

He said that the color of the dreams is directly related to the color of our experiences in the dream state. This is fascinating and seems to make sense. But did you know that he was thinking about how colors affect the brain, and so he used this knowledge to help him look at the colors in our dreams?

His research suggests that people who dreamed about red colors or those who dreamed about bright colors were in a better position to function better than those who dreamed about blue or black colors. Thus, color has an impact on brain functions. And it is directly related to how our brains function during the day. What can this mean for these Books?

Better Sleep Books:

We can begin to see why these Books should not focus only on trying to control our brain chemistry. They should also address the ways in which the brain is affected by its dreams. If we think about it, this should help us to improve our overall health and well-being while sleeping.

The next time you experience a nightmare it could be due to your brain not being able to distinguish colors. But if you turn on a bright color television set and watch the news on it. The colors of your dreams may change. Some might turn blue, others might turn green. And those who dreamed of bright colors may well be experiencing better than those who dreamed of deeper colors.

Bottom Line:

Better Sleep Books: Discover How To Know Better When You Sleep
Better Sleep Books: Discover How To Know Better When You Sleep

Perhaps it will be something to do with the articles in Science Magazine this year. Dr. Peter Dement, of the Royal Free Hospital in London, is researching the relationship between the color of our dreams and our health.

It is worth the time spent learning more about Better Sleep Books. I hope you enjoy this article about Better Sleep Books.

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