All About Sleeping Disorders - Classifications - Conditions - Reasons - Remedies -

All About Sleeping Disorders – Classifications – Conditions – Reasons – Remedies

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A sleeping disorder is a medical disorder related to the sleep of the individual. Some of the sleeping disorders sometimes can also affect mental, social, intellectual, emotional as well as physical health of individuals . 

Classifications Of Disorders

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Sleeping disorders are classified into dyssomnias, parasomnias, circadian rhythm sleep disorders involving the time of sleep, and other problems include ones caused by medical or psychological conditions of a person. 

The most common type of  sleep disorder that is seen in individuals is insomnia. Moreover, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, hypersomnia (excessive sleep at inappropriate times), sleeping sickness (disruption of sleep cycle due to any type of infection), night sleep walk , and night terrors are some other types of disorders. The management of sleep disturbances secondary to mental,social, intellectual, medical , or abusing  disorders should focus on the running  conditions.

5 Conditions Of Sleeping Disorders

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Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD):-   In this condition an individual is unable to fall asleep and awaken at socially accepted times but not suffer from any sleep maintenance that is a disorder of circadian rhythm. 

Fatal familial insomnia:-   This type of disorder is a genetic disorder which causes cessation of sleeping and leads to a quick death by sleeping deprivations. 

Hypopnea syndrome:-   In this condition an individual is suffering from slow respiration rate and shallow breath while sleeping. 

Somniphobia :-   It is a cause of sleep deprivation, a dreadful  fear of falling asleep or going to bed. Signs of the disorder include fear,  anxiety and panic attacks before and during sleeping.

Sleepwalking :-    It engages  in activities normally related with wakefulness such as eating or dressing,  which may mostly  include walking, without the conscious condition of the person.

Types Of Disorders

Dyssomnias  –    This is a huge category of sleep disorders classified by hypersomnia or insomnia. The three major categories are intrinsic that arises from the body,  extrinsic environmental conditions or various pathologic conditions and the disturbances of circadian rhythm.

Parasomnias:- A type of sleep disorder in which a person suffers from abnormal , unnatural movements , behaviors, emotions , perceptions and dreams in connection with sleeping disorders. 

Sleeping sickness:-   It is a parasitic disease mainly transmitted from one infected person to another through tsetse fly. 


Treatment for sleeping disorders are generally categorized into four types. Doctors work on Behavior and psychotherapeutic disorder such as trying to understand the day to day routine of the patriens. They also use rehabilitation, management , medication and somatic treatments while curing the patients.

Whereas, some sleeping disorders can be found in the compromise with glucose metabolism. These are allergy , acupuncture, hypnosis , music therapy , melatonin and many more.


Hopefully these points give you a good insight about sleeping disorders. A proper treatment that is mentioned is also essential and recommended as soon as possible. Please note that you should also make changes in your day to day routine to get sound sleep.

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