Safety Usage Of Resistance Band

To keep yourself physically fit in this busy world, you have to do regular exercises like walking, jogging, running, biking, and also going to the gym. Many people use some instrument to do the activities, which help them to be physically fit within minimum time. Some people use the resistance band to do the exercises because they are useful, easy to use, and inexpensive. Resistance bands are suitable for exercising, but it is also dangerous if it not used properly.

Safety Usage Of Resistance Band
Safety Usage Of Resistance Band

Resistance Bands Can Be Dangerous

Dramatically, the use of the resistance band for physical excises is increasing rapidly throughout the world. Though the bands do poses hazards, but they are still inexpensive and easy to use. You have to treat and use the groups properly; otherwise, you can harm yourself and get an injury.

When you are training with the resistance band, you have to be careful about breaking the band or letting go of one end when the band is under tension. Breaking or letting one end go of the group can snap towards you, potentially and violently inflicting severe damages to your face and body. While training with the resistance band, here are some tips for using the group properly.

Safety Usage Of Resistance Band
Safety Usage Of Resistance Band

Safe Use Tips For Resistance Bands

Over time, the normal wear and tear can break down the resistance bands. By ensuring the safety of the bands, it is essential to inspect the group within a day or two as you know that most of the injuries that occur from the resistance bands are due to improper use. You must make sure to paste the rules on the board of the training area.

To avoid significant injury, never release a resistance band under tension.
To ensure the strength of the band, start all the exercises slowly.
Stretch the band and avoid jerking.
The band can be slipped off and strike you if place the group handles over feet.

You have to check the band for nicks, scratches, punctures, and discoloration, and finding any flaws that discard the group immediately.
The maximum limit of stretching a resistance band is only 2.5 times their length; try to avoid to exceed the limit.
If there is an uneven surface, try not to practice with the band on that surface.
Do only the specific exercises designed for the resistance bands.

Storage And Care Of Resistance Bands

Safety Usage Of Resistance Band
Safety Usage Of Resistance Band

To ensure the safety and proper function of any fitness equipment, you have to do appropriate maintenance. Though the resistance bands are great and inexpensive tools, you have to maintain the following tips to store and care for the groups correctly.
Wipe the bands with a damp cloth to make it clean.

To avoid and deteriorate the strength of the bands, don’t clean the groups with soap.
Avoid sunlight and direct heat sources to store the resistance bands.
The weak areas of the resistance bands are its handles which are connected with the rubber, check the handle every day before using then for training.

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